Monday, September 15, 2008

Keep Rolling

The whole moving on thing seems to be working fairly well at the moment. Today I've queried Avon and written to 3 agents. Ok, that might not seem like much, but consider that every single agent has slightly different submission guidelines. Though a bulk of the content is the same, it's still four separate queries/proposals I have to put together which takes up time. I suppose its partly their way of making sure we do our homework and don't just send off generic letter after generic letter. However from what I hear, some writers still do that, as crazy as it seems to me. If I want to get an agent's attention, I think the foremost thing you need to do is follow their submission guidelines. Pissing them off will not make them want to take on your work. I've also taken the time to write to the agents who requested further material and thank them for their time and consideration. This industry isn't that big, and you never know who you might cross paths with in the future. Plus I really am grateful that they took the time to read my work and provide me with encouraging feedback. So if I get a chance to work on anything tomorrow (which I probably won't considering the fact I'm working) I'll be getting back to a bit of writing. SOAP book 2 is feeling seriously neglected. Now I am going to go relax until my daughter wakes up.

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