Monday, September 1, 2008


Ok so it took me a couple of weeks, but I finally did it.
I finally sent an email to The Agent enquiring about my manuscript. It was a very simple email, but I still argued with myself incessantly about what to put in it. I wanted to grovel and simper, but I'm a bit too smart to sink that low. I wanted to tell her I'm over halfway through the second book and attach a synopsis, but realized if she doesn't like the first one, knowing about the second isn't going to change her mind. I wanted to tell her that I really think I can make it big, and beg her to just give me one little chance when no one else will, but I'm sure she's seen it all before.
Above all, I wanted to remain polite and professional. When considering whether or not she wants to work with me, I don't think I want to give her the impression that I'm a suck-up with illusions of grandeur who thinks I'm better than I actually am. That would be a sure fire way to get her to say no. I need to convey that I am a professional and this is a business deal. No matter how much confidence I have, it all comes down to $$$$. More than anything, her decision is going to be based on whether or not she thinks my words will sell. You all know I believe in myself, I just need to find the agent who does as well, and I want it to be The Agent partly because I want this part of my journey over and partly because from reading her blog, I just really feel she could be the agent for me. I don't know why, I just feel we could get along well.
Anyway, its all conjecture until I get some sort of response from her. I just have to remember that if its another no, it's not the end of the line. I still have the RWAus comps to submit to in a few weeks and other agents to write to. I will get there eventually!

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