Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The three agents I wrote to yesterday all replied straight back to me, all with rejections. A little demoralizing to get three immediate rejections like that. This whole thing is so frustrating. It seems like you're getting somewhere and then you seem to take twenty steps back. Was there something wrong with the letters I wrote yesterday? They weren't all that different from other letters I've sent out that have resulted in requests for more material. I know I'm crap at writing the synopsis, but what was wrong with those three proposals? Is it really just the luck of the draw, is something getting lost in translation, is there something different I could be doing to find success? I have never ending questions and no answers.
And now I am beginning to wonder if I shouldn't move on. Sure, I'll continue trying to sell this manuscript, I still have the RWAus STALI comp, and many more agents I could write to. But I have been working on this idea for a couple of years now. How long do you hang onto something before it becomes apparent that its not going to work? I've been so close, but is that it? Was that as far as I was supposed to get with this one?
And this leads me to yet more questions. If I do start something else, what do I start? I have a lot of ideas. I had been thinking I should go back to my first passion, historicals, but then I have other contemporary ideas I'd really like to try as well. Besides, my SOAP idea, which is contemporary, really seemed to bring out my voice the strongest, it was all really working. But how do I convey that to a potential agent?
Obviously I don't have any of the answers or I might be published by now.

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