Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Its been twelve weeks since I sent requested material off to the The Agent. On her website, she has listed that they generally reply within ten to twelve weeks, and if you haven't heard in that time you should email them. From reading The Agent's blog, I know she's behind in reading requested material and has just gotten back from the RWAmerica conference. So as much as I'm chomping at the bit, wanting to email her and ask if maybe she's had a chance to look at my work yet, I'm going to wait another couple of weeks. You all know how much I'm hoping that this manuscript is going to be 'the one' and The Agent says "yes" when I finally hear back.
I've almost finished my Harlequin Undone manuscript, in fact I probably could have got it done today, but I was feeling very distracted. I did write 1300 words, which is better than nothing I suppose. But then I started thinking about my submissions and where I would send to next (if I have to send out another round) and whether or not my synopsis is as crappy as I think it is. God, I hate my synopsis. It seems like no matter how many times I start from scratch and try to re-write and try following a formula, or just writing what I think it should be, or do a combination of the two, it still comes out sounding crappy. Give me a 100,000 word manuscript any day, but a synopsis? I'll run screaming in the other direction.
Going back to my HUM, its been an interesting challenge trying to contain an entire story into 15,000 words. Several times I've written an entire scene and then gone back to take it out altogether because I've realized its not necessary to the storyline. As I said, it's almost finished now. I'll be interested to see what feedback I get from it eventually.

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