Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm doing Book In A Week with Romance Writers Australia again this July. Basically you join up with other members, set a word target for the week and try to achieve it. I had a go last year, aiming at 12,000 words in the week, and even though I really wasn't doing anything else at the time, I wasn't disciplined enough and barely wrote half that. So this year I only set myself a small target of 6000 words, though if I write the way I did today for the week, I'll easily over-shoot it. I started off by doing 2,200 words this morning, bringing SOAP book 2 ever closer to the halfway mark. Exciting, yes?
Ok, not so much for you, but happy times for me (happier, of course, if I could get the damn things published.)
Anyhoo, have heard rumors that there's to be a Doctor Horrible part four. Now that really is exciting.

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