Friday, July 25, 2008

The 'R' Word

There was another rejection waiting in my inbox for me again this morning. For about two seconds, I felt utter defeat. The words 'give up' even entered my mind (seriously? I don't think so!), something that had never occurred to me before. Luckily it was only a brief moment of insanity as I realized that I couldn't give up even if I tried. It would be a waste of time because I know eventually I'd be back in square one, writing and writing while trying to catch an agent's attention. I still have five proposals out, more agents I could write to, the RWAus comps at the end of the year. But you know me, I couldn't help but think "if I don't manage to get anywhere with SOAP, then what will I do next?" Instead of trying to sell an entirely new project, like the Diontians for example, I actually felt like maybe I should go back to the start, back to my historicals. They need a lot of re-working, but I have this on-going love affair with them. While other projects get left by the way-side and I don't care, my historicals are always in the back of my mind, and I often go back to read little snippets of them now and again. Maybe I should take this as a sign that I've totally gone off in the wrong direction and I need to get back to basics. I never did try to sell my historicals, I knew they just weren't up to scratch in the condition they're in. If I do decide to do anything with them, I've got a lot of work ahead of me.

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