Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Every New Beginning is Some Other Beginning's End

If you're a music guru, you might realize that today's title was STOLEN! That's right, it's the lyrics from a song by Semisonic, and one of my favourite.
Anyhoo, it was fitting in some ways because yesterday I came up with a (brilliant) new idea and now I'm all gung-ho for starting it. Just one problem: do I really want to start yet another project? Shouldn't I finish my WIP, the second book in my SOAP series? Or since I don't have an agent or publishing contract in sight for the first SOAP book, am I wasting my time by writing to second one? I've been so much closer to landing an agent this time around with SOAP, had some really good feedback, but so far no agents have been very excited about the premise. Is this going to stop me from actually finding an agent? Is this new idea better, and that combined with the level my writing is now, will it be more likely to attract an agent?
Why is it everyday I find myself with ten new questions and no answers to any of the questions I already had?
After all that, I think my brain is going to explode, and I'm really hungry.

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