Saturday, July 12, 2008

Call to Arms

I've had an interesting week this week in terms of my writing. I received a form rejection (the first one for SOAP book 1, I'd been getting really positive rejections until then) from an agent I was kinda hoping might be interested in this manuscript. But I couldn't be sad about it for too long. I'd had this week marked as the week I'd send out another round of letters to agents. When I started looking up the agent's websites on my list, I found one of the agent had posted the following on their blog: "I want to find 3-4 romance authors who have great contemporary romances (sorry paranormal and romantic suspense authors—as I keep saying, I have some great authors already writing this in my stable so I don’t want to have too much competition within the agency). Please send me great stories with well developed characters, fun plots and great locations (I’m an armchair traveler so don’t hesitate to set your stories in your hometown of Wichita, Kansas or Phoenix, Arizona; I’d love to hear about those places). Send all queries via email and let’s get some good stories going."
Ok, so my SOAP series isn't set in Wichita, Kansas, in fact the first couple aren't even set in the USA, but I really felt this might be my opportunity to have my work more seriously considered. I sent off an email query straight away, along with a couple of others to some other agents on my list. I told myself not to get my hopes up with this agent any more than I would with any other agent, but its probably already too late! I've probably got about 4 weeks before I start emailing The Agent. For those of you who don't know who The Agent is, it was the agent at number one on my list who, excitingly, after reading my query letter wrote back saying she "would love to read my work." Their response time was about 12 weeks. I'm hoping she'll just get back to me in the next couple of weeks, coz I don't really like having to chase around after things, I feel like I end up becoming a serial pest!
Anyhoo, aside from all of this agent excitement, I haven't been able to stop thinking about my new idea, the Diontians series. One part of me thinks I shouldn't be putting so much energy into it and leaving SOAP in the lurch, while another part of me thinks "well it is about time I moved onto something new, if I can't get SOAP published, then I need something to fall back on."
Interestingly enough, the other day I read a guest blog from an author on one of the agent blogs who was talking about her journey to getting published. She completed 11 manuscripts before she got published, which made me feel not-so-crazy about what I've been doing with myself. I'm up to five, so I'm not doing too badly I suppose. Of those five, I've only tried to get 2 of them published, it may be a long time before the others (a couple of historical romance) see the light of day - if ever. The need a lot of re-writing and editing.
Meanwhile, the other day I finally bought Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I'd been planning on reading it for ages, but with the movie coming out, I thought I should get my butt moving. I like to read things before I see the movie so I can compare notes.
Right, well I'm off to do some housework. I really wish I could do some writing, but things aren't going to clean themselves.

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