Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to It

After doing not much writing to speak of in the past few weeks I came out today and managed to write 3000 words. I had my usually 20,000 word slump, but now things seem to be running smoothly again. As it stands now, I'm up to 28,000 words leaving me with around 67,000 to go. This is probably the first time I've ever really taken note of word counted and counted down to the end. I usually just get on with writing. Another thing I've done that's different this time around is I've actually done a little bit of planning, which is totally not my style. I've been a confirmed pantser until this point. I have no idea why I suddenly felt the need to make a flow chart of key scenes. I suppose it could have been partly because I had a couple of option as to which way the plot was heading and wanted to see how they were going to pan out. It also helped me come up with a new idea for later in the book. I suppose this is a good idea to go about things. At least this way I might be less likely to have to cut out 50 pages of work and do major re-writes when I discover that the plot went in the wrong direction. I've had a few experiences like that!
Anyway, I've also started getting the manuscript ready for competition. The annual RWAus comps are coming up in September, a bit earlier this year. I know its still a fair way away, but I'm determined that this year I'm not going to make the same mistakes and I am going to make the short list. I don't know whether I blogged about it or not, but I made some really basic errors last year which lost me a lot of points. But not this year!

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