Monday, July 21, 2008


Act III of Doctor Horrible has been watched and loved. The ending was great, not at all what you'd expect, but that's why JW is so great. Also, it left me going "WHAT? Where's the REST?" which all good shows... or miniseries... or streaming sing-along blogs should.
In other news, obviously after all my depressiveness of getting rejections and bitterness about lotto-winning authors (not literally, just... read the post below this one for an explanation) my sub-consciousness must have decided I need some serious cheering up. I had a dream the other night that The Agent emailed me and said she loved my work, but in her opinion some things needed changing. As long as I was happy to work with her and take on her advice, she was going to offer representation. As if I was going to say no! So I woke up feeling all glowey and very happy, with a new drive for my writing. If only my dream would come true (in the extreme near future). So I'm getting back to it today, going to see if I can get a large chunk of writing done. I'd like to try and get SOAP book 2 finished before the annual RWA comps are due, which gives me about 9 weeks to write 60,000 words. I could do that, couldn't I?
We'll see. Writing on my blog is obviously not changing my word count.

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