Saturday, July 19, 2008

Act II

Went over yesterday and watched Act II of Doctor Horrible and I have to say it just gets better and better. Hopefully it will either come out on DVD in the near future, or it will be so successful it'll become a regular thing.
Not much to report today. There's been some discussion on some agent's logs about how much information you should give them in terms of your writing career. For example, if most agents see you've put in your letter "this is my first manuscript" its pretty much an immediate no. However on the flip side, they also don't want to hear that you've written 15 books and haven't managed to get any published.
I've been having a few 'down days' in terms of my writing this week. On the back of 3 rejections in 3 days, I guess its not surprising. My auntie was trying to be helpful and sent an article she'd seen in one of the news papers about getting your book published. It was an interview with an editor over at Allen & Unwin who does 'pitch Fridays' basically if you send her a query letter (by snail mail or email) and aim it to land on her desk on a Friday, she'll guarantee it'll get read.
I guess this article would have been helpful for someone just starting out, but it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.
What it did tell me was stories about people who were the one-in-a-gazillion lotto winners who, simply because of fate (it seems) they managed to get the first book they ever wrote published and immediately went on to become best-selling authors. I don't have any problem with these people. They were damn lucky, so kudos to them. What I don't like is being reminded of it after having faced 3 rejections this week.
I suppose its just really, really frustrating, as those in the industry would know. As far as I can tell, I'm doing everything humanly possible, straight by the book, in order to find an agent. Even by some agent's own admissions, there's nothing wrong with my queries, my manuscript, my writing, nothing they can immediately reject me for, it's just that they weren't so excited about the premise. So seeing something like this article, telling me to do what I'm already doing while reminding me that some people didn't even need to try, they apparently just fell over their publishing contracts, doesn't improve my mood.
I sound bitter, but I don't mean to, I suppose I just needed to get it off my chest.
I need to keep reminding myself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A plan at the end of this year. If I haven't found an agent by September, I'll be entering the first 2 SOAP books in the annual RWAus comps. And I'm determined that I will make the short list this year. I think I could have made it last year, if not for totally screwing up the punctuation and grammar (I entered it in American instead of Australian. Duh.). This year there will be no such mistakes, and I don't want to win (though of course it's not like I'll be disappointed if I do) I just want to make the short list so that my manuscripts will land on an editor's desk, as the final short list will be judged by an editor at a big publishing house last year it was Berkeley, not sure who it's going to be this year. So that's my big hope if I don't find an agent before then. I'm still hoping The Agent will take me on. It's coming up to 10 weeks now. I'll give it another 2 before I shoot her off an email, keeping all extremities crossed for luck.
Please, God, or whoever is out there listening, please let her want to take my book.

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