Sunday, June 1, 2008

Right Direction

I got a rejection yesterday, and I was so excited!
Ok, that might sound totally insane, but let me explain.
It wasn't just a form rejection, the agent took the time to write back to me herself (This is a different agent to the one who requested more material a few weeks ago, I have written to a number of different agents).
She said that there wasn't anything wrong with the sample I'd sent to her (her agency's guidelines asked for a cover letter, synopsis and first couple of chapters), in fact it was quite good. Unfortunately she didn't feel she could offer me representation due to the fact that she didn't feel strongly about the overall premise. She went on in closing to say that in her opinion she didn't see why I wouldn't find someone who would be passionate about the project and subsequently offer representation.
How can I feel unhappy about that? Sure, it would have been my dream come true if she had of felt strongly enough about the story to take it on, but what it tells me is that I'm definitely on track and heading in the right direction. Surely one of the agents I've written to (or will write to, because for every rejection I get, I like to send out another letter to someone else) will be excited about the story and agree to take it on.
In other news, I've written 12,000 words of the second book in the series. Its coming together quite well at the moment. That leaves me with between 83 to 88 thousand words to write, so I suppose I should stop daydreaming about getting 'the' news and get back to writing.

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The Dribbler said...

Hi Jess,

I had one of those rejections not so long ago, so know exactly how you feel. They're sort of depressing but pleasing at the same time.

All you can do is shrug your shoulders, chalk it up to experience, and keep sending your work out. One day that manuscript will land on the desk of someone who loves it, and then there'll be no stopping you.

Good luck with your other submissions and keep on writing (says she who's procrastinating something shocking).


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