Wednesday, June 18, 2008

News to Me

Just popped in to say I found this while I was aimlessly wandering the net the other day:
The powers-that-be are saying its going to do for the publishing industry what American Idol did for the music industry. I've had a good look through the stuff already on there and can now honestly say I empathize with agents and editors. Oh boy, was there some crap on there. Of course, there's also some good stuff on there, but a lot of crap. I guess it's like those people you see on Idol who totally think they can sing but in reality can't even hold a note. Well (not to be harsh), some of these people totally think they're writing the next New York Times bestseller, when in reality they can barely string a sentence together. Where's all the (going on eight) years of hard work they've put into this whole writing career? They think they can just whip up a manuscript and they'll hit the big time? pfft! Whatever.
On a more serious note, I wonder what agents think of this possible revolution in the publishing world. I have to admit that I've half considered joining up under an alias and starting something on there, just to see what might happen.

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Pinhigh Sue said...

Hey Jess....come on over to WEbook and play around under a pseudonym. We'd love to see you there, increasing the quality ratio, getting and giving some interesting feedback. Believe it or not, you won't be the only published talented author bouncing around the site.... Either way, thanks for checking out -- Sue from WEbook (pen name...pinhigh)

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