Thursday, June 12, 2008

Its Going to Get Old Fast

Not much to report today, except for another rejection. This one was quite similar to the last, the agent wrote back to me herself saying that there was nothing wrong with my work, it was good to read, the characters were interesting, over all it was well written, but she just wasn't excited about the premise, and I deserve someone who is going to be passionate about the idea. That said, she didn't see any reason why I wouldn't eventually find someone to take me on.
It seems I've come up in the world. So far I haven't gotten one "dear author" form rejection. Unfortunately I can see the sparkle wearing off this particular type of rejection quite fast. Its great to hear an agent say your work is good, but I need to find the one who's going to say "your work is good and I love the idea!" Because if they all say "I don't want it, but don't worry, someone else will take it" then eventually there might not be anyone left! I've believed in myself and its gotten me this far, I just have to continue on and keep hoping that the next one will be it.
In other news, after the past few weeks of copious writing, I've done nothing this week. So I suppose I'd better get back to it. I really like the idea of having another complete manuscript in the near future.

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