Saturday, May 24, 2008

Synopsis War Continues

You would think a synopsis would be easy to write, after all, it's just a summary of your book. Surely if your book is interesting and engaging, then your synopsis should easily be so. Surely if you can write a 100,000 word manuscript, a couple of pages worth of synopsis should be a walk in the park.
Apparently not.
I'd like to say that the sole reason I haven't been published until now is my inability to write an engaging synopsis, but I don't think that would be quite true. Yes, my crap synopsis might not be helping, but surely if the chapters I'm sending out were exciting enough, a prospective agent might overlook the total blandness of my poor attempt at writing the synopsis.
I've looked over my longest synopsis so many times, and the way to make it catching just totally escapes me. I feel like all it says is "boy meets girl, and then they go here, and then they go there, and then this happens, and then that happens and then they misunderstand each other and then they resolve their issues and then they live happily ever after." I mean, who in their right mind would agree to publish or represent such drivel?
On other topics, last night I watched I Am Legend, and really wish I hadn't (for those of you who haven't seen it, there's spoilers ahead). It was so sad. Really sad. I mean, here's this guy living all alone except for his dog in New York post-apocalypse. The people who haven't dies have turned into raving sub-human monsters, even their dogs have got the virus. As the story goes along, he's trying to find the cure for the virus so he can save people. He manages to make a cure work in rats, and then through a series of unfortunate events, he gets injured and his dog, Sam, gets attacked by infected dogs, and of course is in danger of developing the symptoms as well. By this point we've found out through a series of flash-backs that the dog is his last link to his family, who died in a helicopter crash trying to get out of New York when the virus first hit. In my opinion, they were better off. It would have been much worse to get infected. Anyway, so because the antidote worked in rats, he rushes home and gives it to Sam, only it doesn't work and Sam turns vicious. He kills Sam and then kind of falls apart. The short of the rest of the movie is that he finds a woman and kid that were immune like him, and then finally stumbles across the right antidote to work in humans, but by then the infected people have worked out where he lives and he kills himself trying to take them out. The woman takes the antidote to a colony of survivors in Vermont and that's the end of the story.
I'm totally a dog person. My dog is like one of my kids, so I went to bed still in tears last night over the guy in this movie loosing Sam, all the while thinking I could have lived my life without seeing that movie. Sure, the story was brilliant, but I didn't need to know about it and be upset for the next two months. Anyway, I'm not thinking about that any more. I am going to now go write a separate post about Supernatural though.

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