Saturday, May 24, 2008

So Wrong and Up For Eighty Dollars

With my ranting about the price of season three of Supernatural the other week, I have to admit that I might not have had all my facts straight. There aren't 12 episodes in the seasons, there are actually 16 (you probably all already realize this and are saying 'duh') Anyhoo, my confusion was due to the fact that here in Australia, the channel that airs SN played the episodes up to the writer's strike, which was Jus In Bello. There were four more episodes after that which they haven't bothered to show here yet. I wonder if they're just going to wait until they can get season 4 and show those last few eps before going straight into season 4, or, as our crappy free-to-air channels tend to do, they might just never bring it back again. In any case, if they haven't aired them by October when season 3 will be released, I will end up paying $80 for the short season so I can see those last four episodes. I am just that sad. Here's hoping they put them on TV before then!

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