Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rant On

So I was over at the BookEnd blog, and one of the agents there wrote an entry asking writers to vent their frustrations and complaints about the treatment they receive from agents and editors (the brave woman!). And it got me thinking, like a lot of things do.
It would be easy for me to go on and on about how some agents never wrote back to me; about how I just got an email back from an agent I wrote to three years ago (at least they wrote back, right?); about how one day I got a letter expounding the extreme crapness of my book, and the very next day I got another letter telling me someone else thought it was great and wanted to see more material; about how I hate waiting; about how I hate that they say "you'll hear back within 12 weeks", but then you don't and then you send email after email and feel like a serial pest even though your trying your damnedest to be polite and still you hear nothing; about how every other unpublished author striving for success seems to think it's next to impossible to get an agent without an offer from a publisher, but it's also just as impossible to get an offer from a publisher without an agent...
I'll take a breath now. This is not an easy business. People get upset when they get rejected. They send nasty letters to offending agent. Agent might take it out on the next poor, unsuspecting hopeful writer. People are left feeling disillusioned with the whole process. It leaves you wondering just what in the hell are we all doing? I suppose getting a book published is a bit like being a movie star, or your band making it big. For every person who makes it, who has the dream career, seemingly unending success, even those who are only moderately successful, but are still getting their work published, there must be a thousand or so left behind who just never make it. Sometimes, staying positive, maintaining an optimistic and constructive attitude is as hard as waiting for that answer in the mail.

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