Sunday, May 18, 2008

For Real?

I found THIS on another blog and just had to share it.
Basically it's an abusive letter someone sent an agent after they were rejected. My only thought was "is this person serious?"
Do they really think by sending an agent such a letter, that agent might change their mind and say "gee, that person seems really lovely. I've obviously missed something important here, better request their manuscript."
To me, such an action would more likely result in instant death of your career. Despite what some people may think, the publishing world seems to be a small one. Many of the agents know each other (going by a lot of their blogs where they have each other linked), and they all work with the same editors. If you sent even one abusive letter in a moment of anger, I'm sure it wouldn't be long before other agents and publishers know your name and know to avoid you like the plague.
I can understand writers getting upset. They've poured their heart soul, and a good dose of sweat and tears into this work, and all the while they're probably imagining an agent or editor jumping up and down saying "this is the next New York Times Bestseller! Here, take this ridiculous sum of money."
For every NYTBS, there was probably a million people who never got a word published.
Yes, I love my work, I'm passionate about it, I have belief in my abilities, I keep a positive attitude, and most of the time am running on blind faith that this will all pay off one day. However, I don't and never have take one rejection personally. You want to know why? When I started out in this business, I was so serious (and still am) about this being a lifelong career. And the last thing I wanted to do was shoot myself in the foot, so to speak.
So when I sent out my first round of queries and proposals all those years ago, I continually told myself that rejection is part of the business. You literally could not find one writer out there who hasn't been rejected at some point or another. My belief is that there's already a set number of rejections in my path that I'm supposed to take (I'm a big believer in fate and things happening for a reason), and every rejection I get makes that number smaller and smaller. It brings me closer to my yes. So yeah, I'm happy to keep working along, and in a small (crazy) way, I'm happy to take those rejections. As long as I'm getting to do what I love, then I'll be satisfied.

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