Friday, April 4, 2008

Mini Interview Pt 1

Just for practice (for all those hard-hitting interviews I'm going to be facing once I'm a published author) and also for fun, I've decided to interview myself. Ok, so I'm not really interviewing myself, I'm just coming up with some question that might be interesting to answer...
Well anyway, this is the first small part, and the second part will be posted (who knows when) soon.

Q What do you write, exactly?
A Hmm, that's a good one. At this exact moment, I'm working on a romantic suspense. Its along the lines of Suzanne Brockmann, Tara Janzen, Cindy Gerad etc. A nice butt-kicking-action kinda book. It's been a lot of fun to write actually. I've been able to do lots of interesting research about terrorists, countries that have current Guerrilla conflicts, military rankings, weapons, and studying lots of world maps.
However, when I started out in this crazy business seven years ago, I actually wanted to write historical romance. The first manuscript I wrote was set in the 1500s, based around the black plague (how romantic is that!) and that manuscript will probably never see the light of day again, since it's got pretty much every cliche you can think of in it. The second manuscript I wrote was set in the late Georgian period, 1780. It was the first in a series, and over the years I've written the two following it. I have hope that one day I will go back to this series (they'll probably need a fair bit of fixing up) and finishing writing the other 3 books I had planned and get all 6 published. I think I'll always have a soft spot for the historical romance.
Other than that, the last few years I was working on a paranormal romance, but with the flood of paranormals in the market at the moment (and after spending all last year sending it around to various agents and publishers) I decided to set it aside for the time being, because I needed a break from it. Not to say I won't go back to it one day, but I just don't feel the drive for it at the moment. I'm happy working on the romantic suspense.
In the future, I'm hoping I might have the opportunity to write a futurist romance I've had in mind for a long time now.
So, the short answer to the question is; I'll have a go at any sub-genre, as long as its romance.

Q Why did I become a writer?
A It wasn't until I made the conscious decision to sit down and attempt to write a novel that I realized I'd always been a writer, I just hadn't known it. I can remember being about 9 years old and being told at school we were going to write and illustrate our own books I was so excited about it! In fact, I now know that I was a romance writer even back then. My story was about my friends and I getting shipwrecked on a tropical island, where we were promptly attacked by pirates. Another ship came along and the Captain (who I'm sure was devilishly handsome) came to my rescue. The teacher read it out in class and I got teased for weeks because the other kids wanted to know if I wanted to kiss my imaginary Captain boyfriend. I was a bit more careful of what I wrote after that!
I have to say now that writing really is who I am. If I'm not writing, then I'm thinking about writing; planning the next scene, drafting the next letter to the next agent (spending my royalties before I've even got them!). Its a twenty-four hour job. One I can't escape. Even having a 15 week old baby hasn't slowed me down... much. Ok. It's slowed me down a bit. But I'm still going, and that's the important thing!

Q Something quirky about me.
A I buy cereal. Ok, that's not odd. But I don't buy it to eat for breakfast. I buy it to eat for lunch. Or afternoon tea. Or as a quick snack. Or at two o'clock in the morning. Basically I'll eat it anytime that's not breakfast.

Q Which of the characters you've written is your favorite?
A Easily Branford Somerset, Viscount Ashburton. I don't know what it is about Bran, but I love him. He is the main character of the second Georgian-set historical romance I wrote. He had a bit of a screwed up childhood, which resulted in him killing his own father. He wants to be a good man, but thinks he'll end up being a monster like his own father was. When he falls in love, he fights it so hard, driving the woman he loves away. However, when he comes to his senses, he literally goes down on his knees to beg forgiveness, in the middle of a crowded ball no less! I love Bran and I love his story. I think I always will. However, the character I've been working with lately for my romantic suspense, Captain Keagan Stewart of the USAF, comes in a close second.

That's all for the time being, but I will have more! Tune it at a later date to find out some other interesting facts!

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