Friday, March 7, 2008


I have a dilemma. Its a huge problem. Really. I just don't know which side I should take.
I didn't realise before now, but apparently Supernatural was one of the shows affected by the US writers strike, resulting in a 12 ep season (so far, I have no idea if they plan on picking it up again. I might go for a surf after this and see if I can find out).
As you may already know, SN is one of my favourite shows ever. One of the shows I can get on DVD and watch over and over and always find something new to like about it. And I'm upset that it seems the season is only 12 eps long. I feel ripped off. I want more. MORE. MOOOOORRREE!!! However, I am also a writer. Therefore, I am beholden to agree with their plight, to take their side, to be outraged for... well, whatever it was they were fighting for. I probably should know, but I never paid that much attention to the news and I don't have as much time to aimlessly surf the net as I used to now that I'm a mum...
Anyhoo, the point is that I'm totally with all the other writers. But at the same time, I really wish it hadn't meant missing half a season of those sexy, sexy Winchester boys and their plight to save Dean from hell.
Meanwhile I've been rewatching Firefly, and that will forever be a sore spot for me. I just can't understand how such a brilliant show wasn't even given half a chance. Damn those people responsible. It had so much potential, Joss Whedon was setting up so many interesting leads, but then it all ended. Like being given one block of chocolate and then never being able to have any ever again. And its SO not fair to call Nathan Fillon the 'show killer,' as a few people were after his last show, Drive, also got the axe. As if that show was ever going to work. Firefly was a whole different matter and Joss Whedon is a genius. But don't get me started!

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