Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ever Hopeful

Firefly/Serenity to return?

There are always rumors, and I'm sure all they do is keep the hopes alive for saps like me. Its been 6 years. I want to believe that it will come back, but surely now too much water has passed under the not-so-proverbial bridge? Somehow, the-powers-that-be got it wrong with this one. Firefly's cult following (though, admittedly, much of it built upon in the last few years) is the stuff of legends. Surely someone, somewhere can see that there's money to be made here? Of course, for the fans its not about the money, we just want our Firefly back, but I know that the-powers-that-be only care about money, and that's the only reason this show would ever be resurrected.
I wonder if it scares Joss Whedon, the snowball that Firefly has become? I mean, he either never brings it back and the die-hard fans spend the remainder of their lives belabouring the fact, or he does bring it back and risk it all coming to a spectacular fiery end. If for some reason the resurrected series wasn't as brilliant as the original, he would of course be crucified, and who wants to face that prospect? So, though I am a (almost die-hard) fan, I could totally understand if Whedon had any reservations about taking on the momentous task of making the Firefly/Serenity fans happy.
Oh, and this seems to be the best Firefly/Serenity site out there. And can you believe people are still signing petitions to bring it back? That alone shows the impact this show has had on people. When so many other campaigns have faded into the oblivion of the Internet, Firefly/Serenity continues to draw people in.

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