Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sadly Neglected

Oh dear. More than a month has gone by since my last post, how utterly horrifying.
Once again, the past weeks have not been uneventful. They continue to be filled with baby-related goings-on, and up until last week, lots of working. Then I lost my job. Ok, technically I haven't lost it altogether, since my boss is hoping that by the time I've had my baby and am looking to go back to work, she'll be able to put me back on again, but in the meantime, I had to start my maternity leave a little earlier than anticipated.
I actually wasn't at all upset about it. I mean, ok, obviously we don't have as much money coming in now, but there is a bright side. Now I get to spend lots of time writing. I don't have an excuse not to any more. On Monday I sat down and wrote 20 pages of my current WIP, and sketched out some other new ideas I'd come up with. Today I'm hoping to get about 10 or so done, and this all means I'll have a finished manuscript in no time that will then be ready to go off to RWA comps, agents and maybe some publishers. Maybe this manuscript will be the one to get me over that line from the unpublished wilderness to the madness (I'm sure) that is the life of a published author with a new baby.
Just as a side note, I'd always imagined that somewhere along the track I'd get published, and then I'd settle in to start having babies. Funny how some things don't work out like you plan.

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