Monday, September 24, 2007

Fits and Starts

Once more, its all about the writing. Though, isn't it always?
After writing a prolific 50 pages or so the week before (around about 14,000 words) I followed it last week by doing absolutely nothing. Of course, I actually do have a reason for writing nothing after writing so much (and no, it wasn't because my brain overheated and leaked out my ears in an extremely messy goo). You see, everything I write, I pass onto my sister-in-law, who is actually responsible for my love of romance, having introduced me to them when I was 18, which in turn made me realize I wanted to write. So, when I'm a best-selling, famous author, I'll be forever thanking her for guiding me onto the path of my career. Anyway, back to my original point. As my SIL is also a very prolific reader, much like myself (meanwhile, I've decided the word of the day is going to be 'prolific') I like to give her whatever I've written to get some good, honest feedback, as I can count on her to be brutally honest, when some other people might be inclined to simply gush 'oh, its so good, I'm sure you're going to get published one day soon!'
I can also count on my SIL to give me good advice about how the storyline and characters are developing, especially when I'm having some issues. Which brings me to now.
I've got to a point in my current WIP where I could go with the story, all of which have points for and against them. I must admit, there is one option that I am leaning towards over the others, but for objection's sake, I'm going to ask my SIL which option she thinks I should take, and probably have a nice long discussion on the merits of each. So in the meantime, I'm not writing anything while she reads what I've written so far.
And that's where I'm up to today. Once again, I'm hoping that this manuscript will be the one to see me over the line, and have taken an entirely different tact on trying to get published. So, competitions, here I come.
Oh, and if I can think of one, tomorrow I might try for a Top Ten Tuesday. But I'm not making any promises. For all I know, another month could slip by before I make it back again! So slack... I know.

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