Saturday, June 16, 2007

Agents on the Brain... Still

You know, I get the feeling (from reading blogs) that these agents I'm waiting to hear from are just really behind in submissions, so I guess they're not ignoring me or anything, they probably just have huge piles of stuff on their desks and genuinely don't have a clue where in that pile my little ol' manuscript might be.
What I should do, and should have done months ago, is finish the damn thing and then offer them the full ms. Since it was only half done when I started querying it, they all only asked for partials.
I mean, its at 87,000 words right now. I only have about 10,000 words between me and completion. And why can't I do it?
Because I'm pregnant. Apparently.
No, not 'apparently' pregnant, that bit is definite, but 'apparently' my drive to write went out the window when the little parasite... ahem, I mean, beautiful little darling was conceived. Seriously. The week I conceived, I just started finding it impossible to write anything. And this trend has continued over the past 12 weeks. And will probably continue for the next 6 months. I could have written the end twenty times over by now, but my brain refuses to cooperate. Its a really strange phenomenon. But I will persist! 10,000 words is nothing! I am going to finish it, and then I'm going to write to these agents and tell them they really need to read the whole thing, because I am a genius...
Ok, maybe not, but I seriously think that SOMEONE needs to take me on soon. I mean, I have 6 completed manuscripts sitting on my computer. They could be making money for someone right now. And I have heaps and heaps of ideas for future books. So I could continue making money for someone in the future. I'm not a one off shot, and one day I'll prove it.


Kiki said...

Hey, I just checked out your blog through your email signature.
Wow, you're much braver than I, sending out queries for an unfinished work!
here I was fretting when I sent out queries for my last MS when I hadn't finished revising the second half completely yet (and boy, do I ever wish I'd done that!).

But yeah. Chill. They'll get back to you. I just heard back on Monday from someone who'd been sitting on just the *query letter* since March.

Also, query more agents with your other babies. Check out a place like to see how the agents you queried stack up in the waits department.

But yeah, it's an evil waiting game.

Jess Anastasi said...

The reason I query before I'm finished is because I'm impatient! And I figure by the time the agents get back to me, I'll be finished the MS anyway. Which was the case for my paranormal. But like I said, the paranormal is going away and I'm going to concerntrate on some different projects for the time being. I've SO had enough of paranormals, especially mine!

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