Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Obsessed or Vigilant?

I haven't managed to move much further on since the last post. I've still been keeping an eye on the query letter critiques they're doing over at the BookEnds Blog, but luckily I seemingly haven't made any of the other mistakes the agent has been pointing out in other people's letters. As for my own prospects, I'm beginning to get into "I'm not sure how to proceed" territory. I have several proposals out at the moment, and there's one agent in particular I've been waiting to hear back from. I might have talked about this before. I was told that if I hadn't heard in 12 - 16 weeks, to email and find out what was going on with it. Well, I emailed at 12 weeks, just to check in, but didn't receive a reply. Now its reached 16 weeks and I suppose I should email again to once again ask how my proposal's going. But, when does a querying writer go from politely enquiring to being a pest in an agent's eyes? I'm aware that they're most likely very busy, and my proposal is way down there on their list of priorities, but I'd just really like to know what's going on. I suppose emailing at this point wouldn't be considered pestering, since that was the instructions, but what do I then do if I still don't get a reply? I guess I'll get the answer when they're good and ready to, but I hate waiting more than anything, and would just like to get things wrapped up so I can continue moving forward. Since I sincerely think that this agent may not take my paranormal (not because there's anything truly wrong with it [I hope!] but because of what I talked about a couple of entries ago, with the whole market-saturation of paranormal romance), and if that's the case, I'd really like to offer them my action/suspense, since I'm in love with that at the moment and think it has good potential. So I guess I will email them, and see what happens. I can only do so much!
Speaking of doing so much, I've decided to enter this competition at Wild Rose Press, so I have 20,000 words to write and polish to publishing standard by the 30th of August. But I've already done lots of research and written 2000 words today, so I've made a good start. And I get to write a historical time travel romance, which I've always wanted to do. My problem is going to be containing it within 20,000 words, since once I get a story going, I tend to keep going and have no trouble (usually) writing a 100,000 word manuscript. Anyway, I'd better write this email before I lose my nerve and then get back to writing my new ms. 2000 down, 18,000 to go!

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