Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Not So Scary Now

This is only going to be a quick entry since I'm actually supposed to be having a shower and getting ready for work (yes, I like to write at the most inopportune moments), but I just wanted to say something.
As you know, I'm desperately -- ahem, I mean determinedly, trying to find myself an agent and subsequently a publishing contract this year. It's been six long years since I decided that I was going to be an author, six years of writing and rejections and... well, you know how it goes.
When writers decide they're going to send their work out, this is no small thing. It means people are going to be critically looking over your work, looking for flaws, looking for reasons not to publish it. For many writers, this experience is very harrowing. For myself, I was prepared. This is my career, so I treat it like a job. Sure, rejections aren't fun, but I always keep in mind that whoever has rejected me is not actually rejecting me personally, it's just that in a business and dollars sense, they felt that my work would not be a beneficial business transaction. So I shrug my shoulders, learn what I can and move onto to the next candidate.
But I'm getting off topic. Even scarier than sending letters to publishers is sending letters to agents. For some reason, us writers (especially the newbies) are terrified of agents. Why? I don't know now. You see, since I've been querying agents, starting at the end of last year, I've found them to be nothing but straightforward, friendly and very helpful. They're not the scary people we seem to think they are at all. They want to be able to help you get published, but it's up to us to do our best, write the best query letter, synopsis and manuscript that we can, all to make their job easier.
So, all I really wanted to do was thank all the agents who have been so nice and helpful to me, yes, even the ones who rejected me. I have no doubt that somewhere out there, one of you is meant to be mine.

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