Saturday, May 5, 2007

New & Exciting!

It's Saturday morning here in Oz, and absolutely nothing exciting is going on. I still haven't managed to stick myself in front of my computer long enough to get any real writing done, I'm telling myself that I'm saving it all up for BIAW. In reality, I'm enjoying my holiday in Procrastination Land (according to some esteemed RWAus members!) waaaaay to much, and no doubt I'll catch the very last train I can out and arrive for BIAW just in time to stress myself into writer's block. Actually, I've never had writer's block, so let's pray that I don't start now, coz that would be a serious disaster! I'm so close to finishing my WIP it's not funny. I don't know why I just don't sit down and do it already!
Anyhoo, as entertaining as my lack of writing apparently is, I actually came here to post a short (obviously) message about this great new forum that's started up on the internets lately.

The Best Forum in the World

Many intelligent, witty, entertaining people stop by and discuss the staple of human existence, aka TV. Ok, since I'm a writer, I quite clearly could be shot for saying that TV is the staple of human existence. But come on, people. I truly think (as a genre writer, I would) that TV is quite good for our imagination. But that's me. You see, I don't just watch TV, I analyse the story, I'm thinking about the script, the words that have been used and what sort of impact they create. TV shows and movies are like living books to me, and I do so love my fiction. Of course, I am very picky, I won't just watch anything and I certainly won't watch reality TV (blah!). I want to be challenged, I want to be inspired, which is why I always find it so sad when the most original show ideas are cancelled prematurely -- don't get me started on Firefly again! Meanwhile, coincidentally, Nathan Fillon's new show, Drive, was cancelled by Fox after only 4 eps or something, and now they're calling the poor man The Show Killer.
In my opinion, NF is a brilliant actor, Joss Whedon's idea for Firefly was brilliant, and it's sad that in this shallow, consumerist environment, if a show isn't immediately meeting some ridiculous ratings quota, they're cancelled in favour of cheaper reality shows, just so that the studios that are already making a bazillion dollars a month can then make a bazillion and one dollars a month. Perhaps I'm getting too cynical in my old age, but if I see one more brainless reality TV show (and yes, Big Brother has just started again here in Oz, and it's driving me crazy) or another generic cop/lawyer/detective/whatever show, then I might possibly rip the cable right out of the wall and forsake it all for DVDs.


thewritegirl said...

Hey! I'm a member of RWA. How do you like your version? Good luck with the BIAW.

Jess Anastasi said...

Our version is very good, always lots of interesting things going on and a very good support base. However I have had some advice to join RWAmerica since I'm actually trying to get my books published in the USA. I'm just a bit short on the cash at the moment!

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