Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Moments That Made Me Cry

As promised, my TTT of moments that made me cry. Cafrine also decided to get in on the action and do one of her own. I'm sure she's going to totally show me up on this one, since last I heard she had about 25 moments and was trying to shorten it down to 10. I thought this list was going to be easy as, but when I actually sat down to write it, I kept coming up short. Nonetheless, I did make it. As usual, there are spoilers abound...

10) Robin Hood, the Disney cartoon version – Ok, kinda dumb, and it certainly doesn’t make me cry any more, but when I was a kid, the end of this movie never failed to set me off. You see, in the end, the castle Robin Hood (who was a fox) is in catches fire and he has to jump into the moat. And of course he doesn’t come back up, and Little John (a bear) is standing on the bank with Maid Marian (also a fox, lucky for her and Robin Hood. Somehow, she was cousin to King Richard, even though he and Prince Edward were Lions. When I was a kid, that never bothered me, but now? Weird). Anyway, they all think Robin Hood is dead, and so do I, so I cry, even though I must have watched that movie a zillion times (and I’m not exaggerating. I have it on DVD, I still watch it all the time. The music… it’s just so good), I still cried every time. But not anymore. Well, not much anyway.

9) Everafter – Yes, yes, it’s a sappy girly movie, just another version of Cinderella. But when Danielle (played by Drew Barrymore and brilliant) is out-ed as not being an aristocrat at the ball, I cried so much. She was in the beautiful angel costume and despite saying he loved her, the prince (who’s name I can’t remember right now) didn’t stand up for her when he learned the truth (bastard!) but luckily he made up for it later on!

8) Romeo & Juliet – I wasn’t really a Leo DiCaprio fan (until I saw The Departed recently. Boy, can that kid act, and do intense like you wouldn’t believe. Now I have to take him seriously), except who didn’t cry when they saw this movie? The bit that always makes me cry the most (apart from the end when they get their wires crossed and kill themselves) is when Romeo’s best friend, Mercurio, gets shot and then curses both their houses. That scene was done just brilliantly.

7) Stargate SG1 7.18 Heroes Part 2 – In the end of part 1, we know someone’s died, and the clever, clever writers try to lead us to believe its Jack (but of course I didn’t fall for it, because, well, it’s Jack. They’re not just going to kill him off), and throughout this whole episode, you pretty much have no idea who it is. Daniel has it all on tape, and the nosey documentary-maker is trying to find out what happened… can’t you see they’re all upset? One of their friends is DEAD you moron! Ahem. Anyhoo, towards the end, we see Daniel’s tape and find out that it was Doctor Fraser who had died (which I totally never got over. She was such a great character, and as much respect as I have for Lexia Doig [after all, she did manage to land one of the hottest guys ever] she’s just never going to make up for Doctor Fraser). Then they have the memorial in front of the gate…and everyone was all teary, and it was just so damn sad. Oh, and I just have to say, getting away from the whole tear-factor, part 1 of these 2 eps had one of the best Jack-quotes ever: “I hope shots of my ass serve you well.” Classic.

6) Dark Angel 1.21 And Jesus Brought A Casserole – I only just saw this, so it’s still pretty raw. Max and the other X5s decide they’re going to go in and take down Manticore, they’re sick of spending their lives on the run, and figure if Manticore is no more, there won’t be any reason for the government to hunt them down (I’m sure they’ve got that a bit wrong, but I haven’t seen the second season yet). So they do it. They go in, set explosives in the place and then make their way out again, except Max goes back to stop Brenna who was going to try and foil their plan. On the way out, Max runs into a clone of herself, an X7, and gets shot, straight through the heart. Now, this part wasn’t the bit that made me cry, not even when Logan found her and was all like “Max! No! NOOOO!” The bit that got me was when they took her back into the compound, along with Zach who’d also been shot. They try to revive her, but her heart’s been too badly damaged. Zach manages to get a gun and demands they transplant her. Except the only heart they can transplant into her is another X5’s, not any old heart. And then Zach starts saying “fight them, Max. Make sure you fight them for me!” And I started going, “wait, what are you going to do?!?!” And then next thing Zach shoots himself in the head so they can use his heart to save Max. The ultimate sacrifice, so touching, had me crying so much.

5) Farscape 2.22 Die Me, Dichotomy – Scorpy’s neural clone has taken over Crichton’s mind, and he tries to escape. Aeryn goes after him, and Scorpy-Crichton crashes into her plane and she has to eject. Except her eject seat lands in a lake and she drowns. Crichton gains control long enough to listen to her go down. Later, they have the funeral, and its heart breaking. Crichton’s tied up, because they don’t know if and when he’ll turn into Scorpy-Crichton again. As he looks down into her coffin (or whatever the thing she was in was called) you can just tell he was thinking he might as well have taken a gun and shot her, because it was his fault that she was dead. I also cried when Zhaan died (though not too much, coz I didn’t like her very much), but this was much worse. I also cried when Cricthton died… and when Aeryn went to that planet of seers because she wanted to see him again… ok, I cried a lot throughout this whole series, but if you go and watch it, you’ll know why.

4) Stargate SG1 5.21 Meridian – All I have to say is that Daniel died… Or Ascended… or whatever he did. Either way, he was gone, and certainly not coming back. Fans everywhere cried, they ranted ‘what’s the point of watching Stargate if Michael Shanks is no longer on it?’ They started up websites, they wrote letters and eventually MS came back, and everyone was happy. But then we went back and watched that ep again. And despite knowing that he wasn’t gone for good, despite knowing he was coming back, we still cried. When he and Jack are talking, just before he goes and Jack’s like “where are you going?” and Daniel’s reply was “I don’t know, but I’m ok about it.” (or something to that effect) just gets me every time.

3) Brokeback Mountain – This movie was so raw, and so confronting. People either loved it or hated it. Personally, I loved it. Both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were brilliant. All I wanted was a HEA (happily ever after) for them. I just wanted them to ranch up somewhere together and raise horses and live HEA. But of course it wouldn’t have been so brilliant if they’d got their HEA. When Jack was killed and Einas was left with it, it was so sad. Then, when Einas went to Jack’s parents house and found the shirt hanging in Jack’s wardrobe with the blood on it that he’d thought he’d lost from that first summer, I cried and cried. For a while, Cafrine had an avatar of those shirts on her yahoo messenger, and every time I saw it, I got teary. Just a bit.

2) Grey’s Anatomy 2.34 Detoriation of the Fight or Flight Response – The last ep of the season and the reason why every time I heard Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol I cried for about six months after. Meredith and McDreamy had to put their dog down, it had cancer (I think, I was too busy crying). I’m unreasonably attached to my puppy, Molly, so the thought of having to put her to sleep had me bawling. Then Izzy manipulated things so that Denny would have to get an emergency heart-transplant, then Denny asked Izzy to marry him, then he went off into the theatre. Then Burke got shot, and looked like he wasn’t going to make it. Then Denny was ok, but then suddenly he died. Izzy turned up in her princess gown, all ready to tell him she’d marry him, except he was dead and no one had realized yet. Then they started playing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Over this song, they showed Izzy lying next to Denny, and man, I’m gonna cry just thinking about it again. So basically I spent an hour crying, and every time I heard that song for so long after.

1) Buffy 2.22 Becoming Part 2 – After spending the night together, Angel looses his soul and becomes Angelus, then starts tormenting Buffy and her friends. In this ep, the Scoobies have come up with a plan to restore Angel’s soul, while Angelus is off planning mayhem. In the end, Buffy and Angelus are facing off as a Demon awakens. Just as the demon begins sucking everything into hell, Willow completes the spell and Angel is back. Except it’s too late. The only way to close the portal to hell is to kill Angel, since it was his blood that opened it. Angel falls to his knees, his soulful chocolate eyes full of tears. Just when we think they’re going to have a tear-worthy reunion, Buffy stabs him in the heart and sends him to hell. No matter how many times I watch it, it still makes me cry.

I'm planning on doing a TTT favorite opening scenes next, but I don't know if I'll get it done for next tuesday or not, I've got a very busy week ahead, so I'll see how we go!


Cafrine said...

Wowser, that's some list!

I LOVE that you included SG:1's Heroes! The bit that kills me with that episode is after the reporter makes his little speech about seeing death vs. seeing life or wahtever, Daniel gives him the tape telling him that it should be seen because Janet was a hero. Which she was. And INFINTELY more interesting that the robot-doc (Sorry. Lexa Doig might be the nicest person on the planet and a great actress, but Lam is boring).

Transcript of the Jack/Daniel scene in Meridian (since I love it so much, I know it by heart):
DANIEL: I'm gonna miss you guys.
JACK: Yeah. You too.
DANIEL: Thankyou, Jack. For everything. (Turns to walk through the gate)
JACK: So, what? See you 'round?
DANIEL: I don't know.
JACK: Hey... Where are you going?
DANIEL: (smiles) I don't know.

Love it! And sniff!

Entirely forgot about that Grey's Dog scene. What was I thinking? TOTAL howler.

Awesome list!

Chris said...

I was just over on Cafrine's website and I agreed whole-heartedly with her about the Buffy scene. That one really gutted me the first time I saw it. Still tears me up a little if I catch the rerun.

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