Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yes, I am still here, though you wouldn't know it if you've dropped in at any time over the past week. Nothing interesting has happened, nothing at all. I didn't get abducted by fluro pink elves who took me to their fluro underground lair and tried to sacrifice me (being sacrificed is classier than being killed, according to El Deano. And yes, I have been visiting the TWoP forums... so what? If you want to blame someone for that, I'd start by looking in Cafrine's direction) to their hot pink fairy god in exchanged for blue and purple fairy floss.
So I have absolutely nothing to say, no TTT, no quote of the week, nothing even remotely entertaining to write about. This was just to say that yes, I've been AWOL.


Cafrine said...

AWOL = Absolutely Wonderful and Otherwise Lovely?

Pfft. Sure, I'll happily take the blame. Totally worth it! Twop Forums are a hoot. Although that fairy thing sounds intruiging also.

Anonymous said...

Some weeks are like that.

Hope you're having fun!

~ Chris

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