Monday, March 19, 2007

The Week that Was

So, last week's all time suckiness is probably going to continue into this week somewhat, which is totally crap, but something I just have to deal with. Hopefully it will all be over in the next few weeks (over meaning I'll probably have to go in for another operation, goddammit).
To add to last week's suckiness, I got 2 rejections from agents. Not to worry, there are plenty more I can send letters to, but still, I'd obviously prefer some acceptances or requests for more material every so often. You know what I think it is? I suck at writing synopsis and letters. And it doesn't matter how many 'how-to-write-a-selling-synopsis' articles I read, I still can't do it. Seriously, if I ever get published, someone's going to have to over look my crappy-arific letter and synopsis, to my actual novel. Unfortunately, most places don't want you to send them any of your actual work, they judge you on that letter alone. So I suppose for people like me who just can't write them no matter how hard I try, I'll just have to continue being rejected for a while.
Ok, enough with the complaining!
The only good thing I've got going for me this week is that I don't have to go into work for the time being because of my circumstances. That means more time for writing. Of course, it's quarter past eleven and all I've done so far is check my email and write a blog or two, and after this I was planning on going down the street for a few things and then cleaning my bathroom, but still, I can believe it's going to happen at some point today...
Alright, well I'd better get to something constructive, while I try to think up a Top Ten Tuesday topic for tomorrow since I missed last week.
Oh, and when I woke up today, it was cloudy, here's hoping we get some rain. I know Cafrine will be excited if we do!

1 comment:

Cafrine said...

You bet I will! I'll go out and dance in it! Not naked, since I have neighbours, but I'll dance for sure! Of course, there are blue skies here at the minute. Dammit.

Synopsisesises blow. How hard are they to do?! Seriously, I have no idea how to weedle down my entire story into two hundred words. I fully sympathise. Fully.

Meanwhile, feel better, mate!

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