Thursday, March 1, 2007

That Old Writing Feeling

So, the hot topic at the moment seems to be writing (in my brain at least). Cafrine wrote an interesting post the other day about why she doesn't write about writing. And then I was skimming Sherrilyn Kenyon's website the other day, and there it says she writes 20 to 30 pages every day. Also, Book in a Week just finished over at Romance Writers Australia, where participants nominate how many words they're going to write a day over that week and try to either stick to or break that number.
Yes, that's right, it's all about writing.
Personally, I was quite jealous of SK's ability to sit down and write 20 to 30 pages everyday. I mean, I wrote 18 pages yesterday, which was chapter 11 of my current wip, but now, it'll probably be a good couple of days before I write anything else. Writing that much in one hit seems to drain me for a while. So if i did try to write 20 to 30 pages a day, I'd probably never sleep (because I worked out that for me too much writing = no sleep because my brain apparently doesn't have an 'off' button) and I'd probably end up comatose from being drained and low on sleep.
And in regards to Cafrine's interesting treatise on why she doesn't write about writing, well, I just have to say that the masses don't understand. I suppose many people think being an author is a glamorous career (and maybe it is if you're JK Rowling), and they want to hear all about what us authors are doing. But in actual fact, it's not so glamorous. There's all the agonizing over sentences, the obsessing with ideas in your head, putting up with characters bugging you when you try to ignore them, slaving over finding the right word to explain what you're trying to convey, and living off no income, all the while promising your family that you'll 'make it' one day soon, when in reality it could be 20 years before you get published. Oh, and then when you do get published, if you're lucky, you might get a whole 8% of what your book sells for. The rest goes to everyone else.
But I wouldn't change my calling for anything. Creating whole worlds of characters and events is the most satisfying thing I've ever done. Now, if only I can find someone to publish them for me...


YiV said...

I could probably write 20-30 pages if I knew what i was writting and where I was going but if it were off the top of my head - no way.

Try to pick a goal and write one page infront of that every day or at least keep the page count the same. Works for me.

Jess Anastasi said...

i'm a total pantser (I fly by the seat of my pants). I don't know what I'm writing until it's coming out on the page. So it's always a mysery to me when I sit in front of the computer in the morning. Therefore, page goals don't work for me, i just have to write whatever's in mind. Sometimes it's one page, sometimes it's 20. But it works, coz i've managed to write entire books that way!

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