Sunday, March 11, 2007

Terrible, Scary Puppy Monster

Molly refused to talk to me all day today. This was very distressing for me since usually she's falling over herself trying to get me to pat her. But not today. No. Today she was grumpy.
You see, it all started when we woke up this morning to find a stray puppy out the front of our house. It was very small, only 8 weeks old, and very cute! We put it around the side yard at first, but there was no sun and the wind was kinda cold this morning, and the puppy was lonely, and it was crying (and so very cute), so eventually I took Molly around there to keep it company.
The puppy was very excited to meet Molly, and after an initial mutual sniff, the puppy wanted to play. It even let out a cute little bark that sounded more like a sneeze. And Molly's reaction to this shocking turn of events? Extreme fear followed by trying to hide behind my legs. Followed by trying to climb up my legs. Anything to get away from the Terrible, Scary Puppy Monster.
When it became apparent that I wasn't going to save her from the Terrible, Scary Puppy Monster, Molly tried to run away, despite the fact that the puppy was lucky to be the size of Molly's head. She could have probably just sat on it and that would have solved the problem, but no, Molly just ran. And ran. And ran. Up and down the same four meters of side yard, she just didn't want the Terrible, Scary Puppy Monster to come anywhere near her.
After the puppy got bored of trying to catch Molly, I decided to come back inside and have breakfast, leaving Molly there with the puppy since I thought Molly was better company than none. Except not long after I started making breakfast, I could hear crying. No, it wasn't the puppy. It was Molly. She did not want to be left alone with the Terrible, Scary Puppy Monster.
So finally I relented and let the both inside, where it was warmer anyway. As soon as Molly got in the door, she ran down to the bedroom and hid under the bed (Molly's motto is: when all else fails, hide under the bed. She follows it religiously). The puppy did a few laps of the lounge room, attacked Pudge (a stuffed yellow hippo of Molly's), and then promptly collapsed into the kind of deep sleep only puppies and babies can reach in a matter of seconds.
By now we had worked out who the puppy belonged to, and they came over to get their wayward pup. Molly waited a good half an hour, and then finally emerged, going outside to bark all the way up and down the driveway, just to make sure the Terrible, Scary Puppy Monster wasn't coming back.
That was when the ignoring started in. I called Molly to come back inside, but she just trotted off down to the backyard. Now usually not an hour will go by without Molly knocking on the door because she wants to come back in. After not hearing from her for several hours, I began wondering what she might be up to, so I went out looking for her. She was sitting in the carport, and when I called her, she just sat there and looked at me. She didn't move an inch. Finally after some insistence and bribery, she stood up. However, it was only to turn all the way around until I could see nothing except her furry butt, and then sit back down again, pretending she couldn't hear me.
Fine. I could see where I wasn't wanted. So I left her. I knew she'd come crawling (or bounding, as she tends to do) back eventually. Two could play at this game. Another few hours went by, it was almost dinner time. I went out. Now she was sitting by the gate. And the ignoring continued. It wasn't until Daddy came home from cricket and I told him all about our disagreement that she finally came back to me. And of course when Daddy asked; "were you ignoring mummy?" All she did was sit there and look all cute an innocent. Who were you going to believe?
Damn her and her cute little face.
As far as she was concerned, everything was fine.
As long as the Terrible, Scary Puppy Monster never comes back.



Cafrine said...


Terrible, Scary Puppy Monster!

Ahem, I mean. Oh, that's a terrible story and I hope Molly is speaking to you now? :o)

Anonymous said...

Dogs know how to work the guilt don't they? My dog was afraid of a 1 lb. rabbit, so I know just what you're talking about.

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