Saturday, March 31, 2007

Supernatural - Playthings

I wasn't going to say anything, truly, I wasn't, but I just can't help myself...
This week's ep of SN that aired here in oz was Playthings. Some people (not naming names, you know who you are) thought that this ep was sucky. Ok, yes, some of it maybe was sucky. It had nothing to do with the storyline of Ava and the yellow-eyed-demon (who, coincidentally, Cafrine and I have decided to call Vlandach, because it's frickin' annoying having to say 'yellow-eyed-demon' every time we want to talk about him. I mean, seriously, the creators/writers could have at least given him a name.), though this ep still did touch on the subject of Sam's destiny.
However, I have to say that I thought it was a classic and I'm glad the creators/writers took time out from the storyline to do it. This ep had all the snark and sarcasm that had been a little subdued (in Dean especially) since Daddy-Winchester died and Dean was saddled with the truth of Sam's existence.
Once again, the boys were mistaken as a gay couple, and asked by the owner of the motel if they wanted a king sized bed. She asked if they were antiquers and said that they looked the type. Of course, the boys were falling over themselves trying to explain that they were brothers, which never fails to crack me up. Next the porter came down to take their bags and the same conversation was played over, with the porter also telling them that they 'looked the type.' Now, Sammy didn't seem too perturbed by all this and took it in his stride. Meanwhile Dean was like "Dude, why do these people always think we're gay? What did he mean we 'look the type'?" Sam's response was; "Well, you are kinda butch, maybe they think you're overcompensating or something."
To which Dean went; "Heh heh... uh, yeah..."
Now wait just a minute (is what I yelled at the TV), what was that? Why did Dean just look extremely uncomfortable by what Sam said? I seem to remember last time the boys were mistaken for a gay couple, Sam was the one who was unimpressed and Dean made the 'honey' joke. In this latest ep, it seems their roles have been reversed. Is Dean starting to be concerned about his manhood being questioned, or is something else going on? I'm not going to speculate, I'm sure there's too many Deangirls out there who would send me abusive emails should I even mention the word 'gay' and Dean in the same sentence. But it did make me wonder...
And they so weren't helping themselves escape the gayness when they went through the whole "Sam loves to dress up his dolls" thing. Although it was totally funny. And I think Dean just wanted to get Sam back for the butch joke he'd made earlier.
Meanwhile, little Sammy got drunk, which was also totally entertaining. Some people have speculated that JP's acting skills failed him a little with the whole drunk routine, but I thought he did ok. I just loved that he made Dean promise to kill him if he ever went Dark-side, and Dean going along with it because he thought Sammy wouldn't remember in the morning. But despite a toilet-hugging hangover, Sam did remember. Now not only has Dean got his dead father's promise hanging over him, but also Sam's promise. It can only get better from here.

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