Thursday, March 1, 2007

Supergay Supernatural?

I had to laugh. Seriously.
Apparently, there's a consensus out there in fan-land that there's a whole lot of super-gay tension going on between the Winchester brothers on Supernatural, which has been aptly named Wincest.
Maybe I'm just a totally ignorant and innocent in these matters, but I had not got that feeling from watching any of the brotherly interaction on Supernatural at all. I can see that the brothers (especially maybe Sam) have a strong affection for one another, they've been through a lot together, so it's probably not surprising.
Dean is your typical tough guy. He likes to shoot things, he likes to beat people up, he likes chicks and he loves his car. Hell will freeze over before he admits to actually having any feelings, which made for some interesting episodes after Daddy-Winchester died.
Anyway, i didn't come here to go on about the make-up of the show.
Here's an example of a fan's gay-tension opinion:
I refuse to be disillusioned, I don't think there's anything other than a close familial bond between the guys, though everyone's entitled to their own opinions, and they do make me laugh...


YiV said...

That is so funny and soooo ridiculous. People will read things in anything. Like my favourite: Alien(1979) was a representation of of males fear of sex.

Yeah, right, males fear sex. Pft!

What's worse: the people who come up with that or the ones that believe it?

Jess Anastasi said...

I know! I couldn't stop lauhing when I saw it, and then Cafrine filled me in. Apparently there's a whole thread about it on, a whole lot of people really believe it. Seriously? Maybe there's a whole lot of gay people out there who are secretly in love with Dean, but are channeling it into their belief of Win-cest instead.
Oh man, it so totally cracks me up...

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