Friday, March 2, 2007

Supergay Supernatural Pt 2

I've been thinking some more about this. I suppose I find it interesting that people could interpret the relationship between Sam and Dean this way, for partly the same reason I became a romance author, because I find the complexity of human emotion and relationships fascinating.
Why is it that men can't have an openly affection relationship without it being construed as sexual? For a time, the same conjecture was directed at Jack and Daniel on Stargate Sg1. It was said that there was a lot of gay sexual undercurrents to the fondness Jack and Daniel had for one another, in the same way Sam and Dean have been stuck with Wincest.
I think that Brokeback Mountain really blew a lot of the taboo surrounding gay relationships out of the water. And now authors such as Suzanne Brockmann are taking it a step further, by presenting gay relationships in mainstream fiction. However, obviously close, affectionate male relationships make a lot of people uncomfortable, makes them instantly assume that such an affection can only be sexual.
In writing the genre I do, I deal with affection in terms of sexual tension all of the time. However, the two are not unswervingly bound together. Intimate affection can be just that and nothing more. It's not always going to be wrapped up in lurid sexual lust. Despite affection and sexuality being closely related, in my opinion, they can and do often stand alone. In the same way that people can have sex, yet not have any affection for one another, people, (even men) can have affection for one another without there being any sexuality to it whatsoever.
Really, all I wanted to say was that I do find it very interesting that people can interpret a simple glance, an obvious brotherly love, a respectful admiration between men as gay.


YiV said...

I'm 27 years old now and I think, and I have given much thought to this, I think the entire world will either be gay or bi-sexual before I die.

With people saying that the boys are gay is just the way the world is going. I'm not saying that the entire world being gay or bi is wrong, just saying that this is the way it is going to be soon, so why is this such a big deal? Not for me and I'm straight.

Jess Anastasi said...

I'm not saying it's a big deal. Ok, it kind icks me out that Sam and Dean are meant to be brothers in the show, the incest part icks me out, but being gay is entirely fine. And I think you're right (partly). Being gay is becoming less and less of a deal, espeically to people of our generation. What I am saying is that everytime two guys happen to be affectionate with each other doesn't immediately equal gay. I suppose I'd just like it if men could be platonically affectionate with each other and it just be accepted for what it is.

Anonymous said...

I ADORE Supernatural, mostly because I have been a fan of Jensen Ackles since he was on Dark Angel (yeah, I know), and because it is entertaining as hell. I'm a Deangirl, absolutely!

I am of the opinion that Sam and Dean are affectionate as brothers who grew up together in a strange world where they had to rely on each other for almost everything. That builds a certain bond that to people who have never seen or experienced it, would misconstrue as gay.

But it is trendy to be gay these days, and I think that's great because that will help to make it more acceptable in the mainstream. Anything that makes it safer and more acceptable for people to be who they really are without hiding or denying it, I'm all for.

I also avoid fan sites like the plague. Just give me my shows and some cool people to talk to about them. Unfounded speculation only irritates me.

Sorry, got kind of long-winded there.

Jess Anastasi said...

You hit the nail on the head, bright pheonix. I totally agree, the brothers have been through a lot together, which means they formed an unusually close bond, and I think the same happened on Stargate SG1 between Jack and Daniel, except without the history. They almost died (a few times) they had to rely on each other to get out of the situation, which brought them close together in the same way.
Meanwhile, I never watched Dark Angel, but I think I might have to now, becuase Jensen Ackles = mmmmm!
Yet another long winded comment!

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