Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Oh, the Horror

When I say horror, I of course mean hilarity!
Seriously, if you're a fan of SG1 or that yummy yummy Daniel Jackson, you have to read this.
Jacksonian Fashion. Yes, a whole treatise on the strange and wonderful events of Daniel's clothing over the past 10 season.


Cafrine said...

Heh, Dude! YOu stole my post!

How freaking funny is it though? I pretty much cacked myself the whole way through.

Those checks: Crimes against humanity.

Jess Anastasi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess Anastasi said...

I had to delete the above post becuase of a multitude of spelling errors (way to check what you wrote before you posted it.. duh)
What I said was, Cafrine, I knew you wouldn't mind me pilfering your post, becuase seriously? It has to be shared with the world.

Cafrine said...

Heh. Right!

Incident Report IBC-726A-39

FORMAL INCIDENT REPORT SECTION ONE Incident Date:___ 25 th August 2436 __ Incident Time:___ 22 :30 hours approx ___ Incident...