Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yes, I did steal the title for today's post from the Simpsons, just in case you were wondering. The reason for this is because I've had one of the suckiest weeks ever, which has been added to Jessica's Suckiest Weeks Ever list (luckily, there's not too many listed on there, but still, it exists and that's bad enough). I'm not going to go into details, it's just too sucky, but it's endo related, so you can probably imagine it really does suck (and yes, ok, I've used 'suck' more than enough times now).
So, I missed Top Ten Tuesday, sorry about that, but I'm here to post Quote of the Week. This week's quote:

Burnt to the core but not broken

This isn't really a quote, it's actually some lyrics from the Live song 'Run to the Water.' But it's how I feel, so that's good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Live. Their Birds of Prey album is probably my favorite.

Hope your week gets better soon.

New "Supernatural" tonight!

Jess Anastasi said...

new supernatural?!?! Here in oz, we have to wait til mondays, so I'm still 3 days away from a new ep... dammit!
Jealous over here? YEP!

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