Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday - Ten Reasons Why I had the Worst Sleep Ever Last Night

That's right. Stop reading now if you don't want to hear grumpy, sleep-deprived ramblings.

10) It was hot – Heat doesn’t bother me so much, but it was also kind of muggy (what’s with our weather at the moment? First we have a one-in-one-hundred-year drought, now they’re telling us it’s a one-in-one-thousand-year drought, then we have 18 days over 35 degrees Celsius [which works out to be over 100 Fahrenheit, I think…] and for about 9 of those 18 days they forecast thunderstorms everyday, of which we get one the whole time, and now it’s just kind of muggy and after a measly single day of it being below 30, they’re back to extreme temperatures and thunderstorms. If this isn’t a sign that the world’s having some problems, I don’t know what is)

9) My young adult novel – I haven’t thought about this wip for a long while, probably since I sent it off to penguin books six months ago. For some reason, all I could think of was the storyline of this novel last night. It just wouldn’t go away. Every so often I’d say to myself; “ok, I’m going to think of nothing starting… now! Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, I really should go over my research and make sure all of the historical bits I’ve included are correct. Dammit! Ok, I’m going to think of nothing starting… now! Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, if Penguin books decide to take it, I’ll have to start researching ancient Egypt to write the second one. Dammit! Ok, I’m going to think of nothing starting… now! Nothing…”

8) A mosquito – Some people (like my husband) don’t care about mozzies so much. It doesn’t really bother them if they get bitten and then have to put up with a little itchy lump. Me? I HATE mozzies. Seriously. That little buzzing noise they make is enough to send me crazy. If I see/hear a mozzie, I have to kill it. Therefore, it’s eternally frustrating to me that the screen on our bedroom widow has a hole, and if the window is open anytime after sunset, it’s inevitable that a mozzie will come into our room. In this crazy hot weather we’re having, it’s kind of hard not to have the window open, so I am dealing with a constant parade of mozzies (who all oh-so-unfortunately end up dead) in our house at the moment. When we went to bed last night, I shut the window, but it was too late. And mozzies aren’t exactly the easiest thing to see. They’re damn small, which is why it took half an hour to find and kill the freakin’ thing.

7) The dog wanted to come inside – I don’t know what was going on in the neighborhood last night, but our dog, Molly, was not very impressed with it. She’s not a barker, but last night she wouldn’t stop. Then she decided she’d had enough of whatever was making her bark and wanted to come inside.

6) The dog wanted a drink – I don’t blame her, it was hot. Things would have been much simpler had hubby brought in her bucket of water when he’d let her inside. But he didn’t, and then he was doing his best impression of an inanimate object, so he wasn’t going to go get it anytime soon. So, I had to get up and get it for her.

5) Another mozzie – When getting Molly’s water for her, apparently I let another mozzie in, which of course followed me to the bedroom. I really don’t think you understand how much I seriously hate them. Number 9 was repeated all over again, except with much anger, since it was now 1:30am.

4) The dog wanted to go outside – On the nights she happens to sleep inside, we usually don’t hear anything from Molly until we get up for breakfast. Apparently she was sharing my sleeplessness. I tried ignoring her for a while, but she wasn’t going to give up banging on the door. So, I got up and said; “fine, you can go outside, but go in your kennel and go to sleep. No more barking.” And what was Molly’s response to this? “Rarf rarf rarf rarf grrrrr!!!!!” All the way down the driveway to the front gate. So much for reasoning with her.

3) Noise – Despite it being a Monday night, somewhere, someone in the neighborhood was either having a party or just staying up and being really, really loud. That could have had something to do with why Molly was barking so much. I hate to think how annoying it would have been if I didn’t have an irrational hatred of mozzies and actually had the window open. Ok, so perhaps it was barely loud enough for me to hear, it was probably six blocks away since noise travels so well at night, but it was after two, by now, everything was annoying.

2) The dog wanted to come back inside – By this time I was quite prepared to ignore Molly for all I was worth. She was outside, she could stay there. Surely nothing was so important that she had to come back inside for the second time at 4:30 in the morning. Hubby, however, was no so prepared to ignore her constant banging on our window and whining. So he let her in. And he says I’m soft on her. Pft.

1) Dawn – By now, light was starting to creep in around the edges of the curtains, and I was lucky if I’d had a straight hour of sleep. I tried to ignore the light at the curtains, but eventually I gave up and got up to have breakfast, and an aspirin to help my aching head.

Now, I was planning on having a good day of solid writing, but my brain is just to kerfuddeled to handle anything that strenuous today. So I’m off to download last week’s episode of Supernatural (legally of course) that I missed, and pray that I actually get a good eight hours sleep tonight so I can spend tomorrow writing.


Cafrine said...

Oh boy! That doesn't sound fun at all! I didn't feel the heat, thank God. I was all snuggled up under my doona all night. Lovely.

I'm with you on the Mozzies, though. I'm allergic, so I hate them. Strangely enough, they hate me too, which works out well. The buzzing pisses me off though. Don't they know the rule about when people are sleeping you shut the frell up?! Jeepers!

Better sleep tonight, mate!

Jess Anastasi said...

You see, the problem is that they ALWAYS bite me, never Mars, which is probably why they don't bother him. I mean, what, am I extra tasty? Do they know how much I loathe them, so are doing it to avenge all the mozzies that went before them? I don't know, but I really, really hate them. Really.

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