Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday Challange-A-Thon... Farscape Quotes

Cafrine and I are having our first Top Ten Tuesday Challange-a-thon. The topic this week is our Top Ten Quotes from Farscape. So, after you’ve read mine, head on over to Cafrine’s to see what she came up with. Oh, BTW, just to warn, I’m doing this off the top of my head. To do a proper one, I would have had to do some serious re-watching. Since these are what I could remember, I guess they’re the best! Some will have which episodes they're from, a lot of them probably won't. So if you want to find them, you'll just have to go watch all four seasons of Farscape, including Peacekeeper Wars! (Spoilers a'hoy)

10) “No, D’Argo, you don’t understand. In 80 years, everyone I know will be dead. Everyone. My dad, Susan, DK, Buffy the frickin’ Vampire Slayer. All dead.”
> From the very fantastic Princess trilogy, Crichton contemplating what will happen to him if he gets turned into a statue for 80 years.

9) Chriton “Scorpius, how are you in my head?”
Scorpy-Clone “I’m not the real Scorpius, John, just a clone of his personality, placed in your mind to retrieve the worm-hole technology.”
Crichton “Right, so not the real Scorpy. Ok then, I’ll call you Harvey.”
> After Scorpius' neural chip is removed, Crichton is left with a neural imprint of him, but since it's not the real Scorpy... well, you know how it goes.

8) Crichton “I’ve got great eyes, they’re better than 20/20, and they’re BLUE!”
> Crackers Don't Matter, one of THE best episodes, where everyone goes a bit crazy and Crichton has to save the day, becuase he's 'inferior' to the rest of the crew.

7) Security Agent “Are you Crichton?”
Crichton “Who are you?”
Security Agent “I’m Security, are you Crichton?”
Aeryn “No, he’s not, and we don’t know who this Cretan is.”
> Suns and Lovers, a memorable one for a stepping forward of Crichton and Aeryn's relationship. But nevermind that, I just love the things Aeryn comes out with sometimes!

6) Crichton “Does anyone feel any differently?”
Jool “What, like I might have a diseased alien in me?”
D’Argo “Actually, I’ve been feeling a little angry.”
Crichton “That’s normal for you.”
>Losing Time, a good ep, we get to see more not-previously-seen parts of Moya, which is always interesting.

5) D’Argo “Well, I think I should just go get my Qualter Blade, stick it in its mouth and say ‘Hey! Get the frell out of pilot.’”
> Losing Time, I just love this one. Ok, not so funny on paper, but the way D'Argo says it, the king of unsubtle, it was priceless.

4) Crichton “Can I get a hell yeah?”
Imaginary crowd “HELL YEAH!”
> When Cricthon realizes that he has control over Harvey, he throws him in a dumpster, and has 'a moment.' I'm sure Cafrine will have this one on her list too, we both love it so much!

3) Crichton “D’Argo, tell him who his daddy is.”
D’Argo “I’m your daddy.”
> Interrogation, Crichton & D'Argo style.

2) “It’s PUKE?!?!”
> Crackers Don't Matter, one of those moments you can watch fifty times and still crack up laughing. The look on Crichton's face when he says it... you really need to see it for the whole effect. Cafrine will surely have this one too!

1) Crichton “Now, you know what to do if Scorpy gets me?”
Aeryn “Yes, shoot you.”
Crichton “No! Shoot him, shoot HIM!”
> Crichton, checking that Aeryn's got his back, but maybe not in the way he was hoping.


Phil said...

Farscape obsession - check.

Yup, you're a friend of Cafrines!

Great quotes by the way.

Cafrine said...


I have to disagree and say that 5 is funny even writen down and out of context. But then I've heard it and seen it in context.

Also, yay for "IT'S PUKE?!", "HELL YEAH!" and "I'm your daddy!"

Awesome list, mate.

Jess Anastasi said...

Hi Phil, nice to meet you! Well, since FS is one of the best shows ever, it's kinda hard not to be obsessed!

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