Sunday, February 25, 2007

From the 'verse

Well, I don't have much to say today, besides sharing this:

"Here's a thing: when "Firefly" was cancelled, my heart got broke. Sounds a bit much, but it changed me. Not even "Serenity" could patch that wound. I'm wearier, warier -- after all those years as a movie writer, you'd think I'd be prepared for another lesson on my unimportance in the scheme of things, but I wasn't. There are two very separate worlds: the marketplace, and the bustling bazaar that is my brain. The brain place is crowded with goods, ideas, sequels, spinoffs, animated versions, miniseries, radio dramas -- this is just the used goods. All the new wares are in there as well and it's deafening. Once I create a verse I never let go of it. And figuring out how much of my energy should be devoted to reawakening the projects you all love with the actors and characters I all love, and how much should be forging ahead and creating entirely new works (which you are contractually obligated to love) is exhausting. More than you know. You know the horse caught between two pools of water? Add seven pools, and make the horse wicked A.D.D. The other world, the marketplace, I don't even begin to understand or predict. All these rumor of projects or the death of projects... When the two worlds align and something actually happens, whatever it is, you guys know I'll be on this site as soon as I'm allowed to be. And I'll be very very clear. There is no news. Not never, just now."Your Scribe, -j."- Joss Whedon

Now, I've been trying (without success) to find where I lifted this very fantastic quote from. It was on one of the many pages dedicated to JW, but of course now I don't know which one that was. Quite possibly it was but I still can't find it.
The reason I love this passage so much is not to do with Firefly/Serenity (though, if they began a new production of the series/movie/mini-series, I'd be singing in the street!), but actually has to do with JW describing what's going on in his head.
I'm not going to say I'm as brilliant as JW, there aren't many (if any) writers as talented and inspired as JW. Just stop and think about his female characters for a moment. They're strong, have a sense of self not easily portrayed. If I could ever write a female character half as well, I'll be happy.
What I can relate to, is the absolute craziness of having so many characters, stories, series, random ideas, etc, etc all vying for attention in my head. Sometimes, I've got so much flying around my head so fast, it's a wonder my brain just doesn't explode. Seriously.
It's why I'm compelled to write. These ideas, stories, characters, they have to go somewhere. And if I can manage to align the 'marketplace' with what's going on in my head, there will be no better joy than sharing these things with others, and knowing the craziness was there for a reason.

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